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Bualuang Securities would like to ask for cooperation from all Bualuang i-Trading users to avoid sending orders that may be considered improper by the SET due to their effects on market condition as outlined below:
  1. 1. Repeatedly sending multiple small Buy or Sell orders at 100-1000 shares in order to push the price up or down.
  2. Repeatedly sending then canceling of high volume Bid or Offer in order to mislead investors about the demand or supply of the stock.
  3. Sending of abnormally high or low price orders during Pre-Open or Pre-Close period in order to cut the queue or to disguise orders of other investors.
  4. Sending orders during Pre-Open or Pre-Close period that are abnormally higher or lower than the IPO or Projected-Open or Projected-Close prices of the first-day-trading stock or the SP sign-lifted stock which may mislead investor and affect the market sentiment.
  5. Sending Buy and Sell orders of the same stock from the same investor or group of investors for cross-matching in order to mislead investors in general about the trading price and volume of the stock.
Bualuang Securities assumes cooperation from all clients in this regard. However, in the event that an improper ordering is detected, Bualuang Securities reserves the right to bar the committing client from sending orders through Bualuang i-Trading or the company' s computer network services.
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