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The client can place orders to the account officer through telephone, fax, and email or can input orders into a specific trading room computer (iFIS) or Bualuang Securities's website.

No over-credit-limit buying is allowed unless it is temporarily authorized.

A client cannot place a sell order of securities that do not exist in his/her portfolio.

Confirmation notes will be mailed 1 day after trading. Securities balance statement will be mailed according to the schedule below:
For active account: monthly
For inactive account: June and December
The information will also be available on the website for clients who trade via the Internet.

Overdue Penalty

The company will bar the client from buying securities until the overdue and penalty charges are paid (selling is allowed). Penalty charges are based on the combination of type 1 and 2 below :

Type 1 Charge
The company will charge interest at MOR + 2% on the overdue amount, plus an additional fee of 50 Baht per item.
(MOR is the average loan rate at the month end of 4 banks namely BBL, KTB, KBANK, SCB)
Type 2 Charge
Late charge for Day 1 and 2 is at 500 Baht per day. Late charge for Day 3rd onward is at 1,000 Baht per day.

Clients who overdue buy settlement 3 times within 6 months will be subjected to revision of credit, settlement method, and/or close of account.

Late Delivery Penalty
The client who late-deliver securities, i.e. after 12:00 of the next trading day after the selling (T+1), will be fined at the higher of the two schedules:
Fine Schedule 1 (TSD) Fine Schedule 2 (SET)
Not more than 1 day late; 0.05% of the value Charge for 1 and 2 day late is at 500 baht per day per securities
More than 1 but not more than 2 day late; 1.00% of the value Charge for 3 day or more late is at 1,000 baht per day per securities
More than 2 but not more than 3day late; 1.00% of the value  
More than 3 but not more than 5 day late; 1.00% of the value  
More than 5 but not more than 7 day late; 1.00% of the value  
More than 7 but not more than 14 day late; 1.00% of the value  
Maximum fine; 200,000 baht  

The company direct-contacts TSD to register for all clients holding the shares for the eligible rights.

Fees associated to shares deposit, withdrawal, transfer in/out are:
Related Activity Rate Baht/Item
Share Deposit None
Share Withdrawal/Certificate Re-issuing 80
Share Transfer Out (to other member thru SDC) 100
Share Transfer In None
Share Switching between Main and Foreign Board 30
Share Switching from Foreign to Main Board for Delivery None
Deposit or Withdrawal of Collateral None

Listed companies limit foreign ownership to 25-49 percent. More details can be found in the Company Profile in B-SIS. Once the limit is exceeded, foreign investors who invest in the main board may not receive full benefit which they would normally be entitled to. To prevent these incidents, they are advised to invest in either NVDR (Non-voting Depository Receipt) or the foreign board.

By investing in NVDRs, investors will receive all financial benefits; i.e., dividends, right issues or warrants, as if they had invested in a company's ordinary shares. Howeber unlike ordinary shareholders, NVDR holders cannot be involved in company decision-making. Investors can invest in NVDR without limit via i-Trading service by selecting NVDR flag in the Place Order screen.

Foreign investors who seek full benefit, including voting rights, should invest in the foreign board. Shares in foreign board are designated by – F such as BANPU-F.

Foreign investors can instruct to Bualuang Securities to transfer common stocks from the main to the foreign board. Completion, however, depends on the foreign-ownership room and queuing. To be prepared for quick transferring, Bualuang Securities may request foreign investors to sign the Power of Attorney authorizing Bualuang Securities to act on their behalf.

As for dividends, they are only paid in Thai Baht. Foreign investors, therefore, must have a Thai Baht bank account for dividend receipt. The payments are usually done by bank checks. However, investors may choose to sign a TSD notification letter to have dividends direct-transferred to their bank account.

Foreign Individual
- 10% withholding tax on dividend received.
- 15% withholding tax on interest received.
Foreign Juristic
- 10% withholding tax on dividend received.
- 15% withholding tax on interest received.
- 15% withholding tax on capital gain.
Thai Individual
- 10% withholding tax on dividend received. Including dividend into income tax calculation for tax crediting is optional.
- 15% withholding tax on interest received.
- No capital gain tax.
Local Juristic
- 10% withholding tax on dividend received unless the investor is a registered company.
- 15% withholding tax on interest received.
- Capital gains, dividends, and interest received must be incorporated in income tax calculation unless the investor is a registered company.

You may file or report a complaint by:
  1. Sending a letter to :

    Customer Relationship Unit
    Bualuang Securities Public Company Limited
    29 Floor, Silom Complex Pffice Building
    191 Silom Road, Bangrakm Bangkok 10500
  2. Sending and email to cust_service@bualuang.co.th
  3. Call 02 618 1234
The company will resolve the issue and will notify you within 7 days from notification.

Non-Institutional Broking
Is responsible for opening of an account, suggesting an appropriate credit limit according to the client’ s financial status and investing experience, recommending investment strategy, taking and executing orders, and providing stock price and trading movement during trade-hour.

Is responsible for clearing and settlement, shares deposit/withdrawal/transfer, contact information changes, and being a contact point for enquiry of trading papers.

Middle Office
Reviews the completeness and correctness of account opening documents, provides approval comments on the credit limit of each client, provides consultation and oversees the operation of marketing officers and clients' transactions to be in compliance with related laws, rules, regulations and business enthics, such as trading errors, over-credit approval, overdue settlement, and credit review, etc.

Compliance and Internal Audit
Oversees the overall operation and execution to be in compliance with related law, rules regulations, and business ethics. Provides comments and consultation on operational procedures, arranges training for all staff on rules and regulations, co-ordinates with supervising authorities, and reports incidents to the management of the company.
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