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  • Real-time Data Feed from SET and TFEX to Microsoft Excel. The program is available for only BLS customers.
  • iExcel uses RTD Technology which is stable and efficient.


  • iExcel is suitable for investors who want to create their own screens for market monitoring in their own styles.
  • For a person who is not familiar with Microsoft Excel, there are templates that can be downloaded on the web.

    New service from BLS, Bualuang iExcel.

  • Microsoft Excel 2003 or newer version (2007 is recommended for best performance).
  • High Speed Internet  at least 1 MB
  • Program Installation. User can download iExcel and templates from Bualuang web site.
  • Username and Password from Bualuang Securities

    Template For Securities Version
    Real-time Stock Quote Version 1.0 (05/01/2011)
    Real-time SET50 Version 2.2 (14/06/2012)
    SET50 Heat Map Version 1.2 (14/06/2012)
    Break-even Spread Version 1.0 (05/01/2011)
    Portfolio Alert Version 1.0 (25/11/2011)

    Template For Derivatives Version
    Intelligent Futures Quote Version 1.0 (05/01/2011)
    Options Striker Version 1.3 (02/08/2010)

    * Remark: Macro enable is required for all templates from Bualuang Securities.

        + Real-Time SET50 Stock

        + Real-Time SET50 Ranking

        + Real-Time SET50 Quote

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